Win Spy Software

Win Spy Software is a piece of software which allows the users to spy or monitor a remote device connected to the internet from anywhere via a router, or even on the internet. This tool has the capability to remotely control a wide number of devices from a laptop to a desktop and a Smartphone to a tablet. It has a number of additional features which are discussed below.

With the help of this Win Spy Software, the user can comprehend, what is done on the target or the connected device. Even the tool allows the users to get the keystrokes, which are hit with the keyboard on the victim machine. Users can even view the task, which is done on the remote computer in a spy mode, where the victim user will never come to know that the tasks are being recorded on a remote device. Phone monitoring is also supported by it, where the SIM card contents can be deleted or undeleted and it also allows monitoring their smart devices without getting physical access to it.

Win Spy Software also allows tracing the location of their Smartphones with smart GPS tracking supported by the software. All these features make this app a powerful spying software and support almost all versions of Windows Operating Systems like XP, Vista, 7 & 8.

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