Whack Your Boss

Whack Your Boss for PC is a funny android game that will help you let out the pent up grievance against your boss at the workplace. If you are simmering underneath while having to tolerate the whims, fancies and commands of your hawkish boss and want to take revenge on him, you can do it now, virtually, off course. You can use any of the regular office supplies in your cubicle along with a regular golf club to whack your boss and silence him forever. There is no need of weapons. To launch the attack just tap on the screen pointing exactly on the item you want to use, and see how a simple staff turns into a deadly weapon. Play this game, let out the steam and go to the office in fresh mind without the air of vengeance.

With BlueStacks app player in your computer you will be able to access the game and play Whack Your Boss for PC.

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