WFetch is generally is not a web browser tool or web browser application by any means. Instead, the WFetch can be referred to as an application which can be used to diagnose several different types of web hosts. If you are a website manager or a website system administrator, then this application can provide you with means to check the faults of the website. The most basic yet the most comprehensive feature of this software is that it takes easy input and provides clear output to check for faults.

The user interface is pretty straight forward and easy to use. But if you are expecting an introduction or a help file to help you with this software; then you will not find one. Basically, it can be stated that this WFetch web related application is meant for professionals only. The interface is pretty simple to understand as this software provides you with basic web functions terminologies such as Get, Put, Head, Trace and many others while clarifying for the diagnosis result. The only trick that you have to know is that to read those clear output logs.

The WFetch is a freeware that can be used to check any web host easily. Whole of the checking procedure consists of mere simple pulling down of data and pressing the Go button. The software is not that much of secured as it can save passwords and username in forms of plain text. For diagnosing certain connection problem- WFetch can be used and runs only on Windows XP.




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