War Chess Game

War Chess Game is actually what the name suggests, it is a war game that is played in the form of chess. You have troops that comprise of dwarfs, elves, and also humans and you have to lead them through various battlefields in the game. however, this can be down with the help of playing chess effectively and strategically. There are various locations in the game that are very entertaining to look at and experience. There are far away deserts, old and ruined temples, and also many such strange and mystery filled locations that you have to lead your troops to.

War Chess Game is very thrilling to play, because it inculcates all the elements of a good chess game, but the premise of the game is that of war and battle. When a piece is captured, it is almost like watching a mini battle take place right then and there. You will have to be very strategic if you wish to defeat your enemies and win the battle in a glorious manner. The board of chess is set in a 3D manner that allows you to examine the board from various angles and watch the pieces fight for you. There is also a 2D board in the game that allows for easy access and better play.

There are 10 different and unique locations in War Chess Game and this keeps you entertained with the change in scenarios that are very well created with the help of exceptional graphics. The rules and regulations are mentioned beforehand and there is no confusion as to how to play the game. the downside to War Chess Game is that the game has a very limited online community. Also, the tutorials do not teach you any strategic moves in the game. when you play on the easy setting, it is still quite tough.

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