Wall Photo Maker

Wall Photo Maker is a utility which can help people who want to print posters or various other images and need support. Usually, a poster will be much bigger than a simple sheet of paper. Sometimes, four or even six of A4 paper sheets might comprise a poster and printing such a project can quickly become a hassle. However, with the aid of this tool, everything can be done in minutes.

Wall Photo Maker can work with large images, regardless of their resolution, and it can be set up to split the image into smaller pieces. Users can choose the type of paper they will use during the printing process and they can even define a custom size if the standard ones are not present within the options. As the image is loaded and the preset is chosen, the tool will display the recommended size of the poster and the number of paper sheets that should be used.

Wall Photo Maker can also designate various amounts of interpolation between the sheets of paper in case the printer cannot correctly print at the edges of the paper. After all of these steps are done, users can save the images that have resulted and they can proceed to print them.

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