Vocabulary.com is an effective, powerful word learning system which helps mastering words through an addictive, fun game. The application is based upon the smartest of the world’s dictionary to expand your English vocabulary with great speed. A comprehensive learning program basically, this app is designed for lifelong vocabulary learning and each activity is selected specially for you. It utilizes sophisticated algorithms for effective learning, offers 120,000 questions which teach more than 12,000 words. It is based upon the science of learning so as to model the way you learn new words. In order to personalize the learning experience and choosing the most appropriate question at the right time, the app compares your answers with millions of answers by other users.

The innovative way of turning vocabulary learning into a fun and addictive game is the power of the software. You do not even realize that you are learning. You play to collect points, badges and achievements. You can compete with other users over the world. Either choose from over 50,000 lists the app offers or use the adaptive learning system to find the right one for you. Just like a good coach, this system works for you until you master the words, whether picked by you or the app itself. Even when you have mastered them, the program continues revising what you learned so that it stays fresh in the memory.

The dictionary is powerful enough to provide you explanation about any word you look up. With real world examples and usage tips, the application would make you confident about using the learnt words yourself. Whether you are a student or an educator, this program will surely be helpful to you! Give it a free trial today by downloading it with BlueStacks emulator!

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