Vmware Workstation

With the advancement of computer technology, newer operating systems are coming up and the support for the older ones are getting reduced. In the same way the older versions of the popular programs are no longer supported nowadays. But one might feel comfortable in working with those previous versions. VMware Workstation is a piece of software that can eliminate the difficulty.

The software is a virtual PC running platform, where the user can run a wide number of older operating systems as well as newer ones from a number of manufacturers. What the user has to do is start the software, create a name of the virtual PC, and select the boot media and the hardware configuration which means the RAM, Hard Disk to be shared with the host PC. That’s it. Then the user can install the OS in the same way it is installed on a dedicated PC. After installation the guest OS can all the features of the Host PC depending upon the user’s choice and can also install the required old programs. A small piece of software can be installed on the guest PC with the software that helps in getting all the available features of the computer.

A number of other features are available which includes sharing a virtual OS, virtualizing a real PC etc. VMware Workstation is easy to use and runs properly on all versions of Windows properly.

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