Vmon is a security solution, which prevents the user from being infected after execution of any application or insertion of an USB flash drive. Vmon is an application which can run alongside any pre-installed antivirus application. After getting installed, it monitors any disk or USB flash drive, which is inserted in the PC and also disables the auto-run feature to avoid spontaneous infection.

Vmon acts as a shortcut and after any disk or drive is inserted, it automatically launches the antivirus application installed in the system and carries a scan via the antivirus package. Vmon also carries out a surveillance of the whole system and notifies the user about the amendments to be made. This tool also informs the user if any unwanted change occurs due to the influence of any suspicious program.

Vmon also tries to quarantine the unwanted file changes. Since this software lets the user know about the changes, so the user also realizes the files which are needed to be cured. The key areas of the Windows registry and log are also monitored by Vmon. This monitoring also helps to undo the effect of viruses. The latest version of Vmon includes unspecified updates, bug fixes and various new enhancements. The operating systems, which are compatible with this application are Windows XP, Vista, 7 or 8.



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