Visual Explorer

Visual Explorer is the name of a speciality web browser, which is trying to get the popularity behind it. Before rolling out to any other web browser, it is strongly suggested that you once try out this new web browser. Visual Explorer provides you a lot of different tools and features other than the IE. Visual Explorer is a similar type of web browser to that of Internet Explorer; but has some additional features making it really stand out.

The interface is very colourful, providing you a great browsing the internet pleasure. Also, there are too many options and navigation bars that provide you mean to surf the internet with an ease. Any individual with little bit of experience in using any other web browser, will be able to master this program effortlessly. With all the navigation panes and the buttons logically arranged, the Visual Explorer provides a pleasant browsing involvement. This software supports all the IE features and even more. Tabbed browsing being a distinguishable difference, another feature of this software is the Explore bar. Activating this explore bar will give you instance access over the RSS feeds, source codes of a given webpage.

Parents, who love to content their children by putting a restriction to the web browsing capability; will love to use this browser with parental lock controlling. Also, the Visual Explorer has been included with a built-in pop-up blocker which will block all kinds of adware, sparmware and malware, phishing sites- without compromising with performance.



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