Virus Remover

Virus Remover is a light-weight software package answer that scans the hard drive for malicious program, like viruses, Trojans, malware, worms and spyware. There is a little scope of improvement in the interface of the program mainly in the visual department. The getup of Virus Remover has not been updated for a while but it should be taken in account that the interface is very simple and very much easy to navigate. The user has the independence of specifying a scan path between native volume, custom folder and custom file. Similarly a scale limit can also be established for the explicit file sorts to be traveled through and scanned. Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008; all these operating systems mentioned does well with Virus Remover. No subscription fee is required for the use of this software. The size of the file to be downloaded from the internet is somewhere around 1.11 megabytes.

In addition, the user can update the virus definition by inputting the required codes and can also deduct a few if wishes from the drop-down list. Other options of Virus Remover give the user independence to wash the Windows written record, scan the memory, scan for autorun files, show folders whose visibility is disabled at that point, and to restart Windows explorer. The RegMod screen gives access to the options which enables the user to change some system tools. For example, it’s is possible to disable panel, Task Manager and Folder choices, written record Editor, as well as take away the Properties space from My computer window, the Run, shutdown options and Find commands, in conjunction with the Documents menu and a few more. Also if the user wishes then Virus Remover can be rebuild to ignore a selected virus code.

Virus Remover is also configured with Current Process viewer which includes display of Trojan horses, viruses, worms, malware and spyware already running on the background and lets the user to kill them manually. The software package program runs has the ability to run on an awfully low configured system in terms of hardware and system memory, thus it does not poses any tangle to the computer’s performance. Virus Remover takes a decently short interval in order to complete a scanning job, which obviously depends on the size of the chosen target.



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