VirtualBox is a powerful application that has been created in order to be cross-compatible with all of the main operating systems available in the market. Using it, people can make use of multiple operating systems at the same time and expand the functionality of their base one. The app allows users tho create multiple virtual machines and each of them can have its own operating system with its custom settings that will be saved when the virtual box is closed. The app is designed to create virtual machines on small, personal computers but it can also provide cloud computing solutions.

Older operating systems can be also installed on the computer, despite the hardware not being compatible anymore. Multiple operating systems are useful in order to test different applications on the computer and different states of the OS can be experimented with no data losses at all. The program makes use of DeepFreeze features in order to “freeze” the state of the files and settings currently installed in the virtual machine and even viruses can be tested in such an environment. “Snapshots” of the system can be taken – they will replace the system restore feature and the settings can be reverted in a few minutes.

A virtual machine is not confined to a single host and users can easily copy it to a USB flash drive and further transfer it to another computer. This can be also achieved using a direct peer to peer transfer method. The installation process is quite simple and the different operating systems can also be configured with ease from within the app. The first virtual box can be created right during the installation process, as there will be guidelines offered. Users can also set the amount of RAM memory that can be actively shared with the virtual machine.



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