Virtual DJ

Virtual DJ is a good solution for people that might want to create or remix music in order to please different listeners. The tool can be used in order to create new tunes using different sound effects that are already pre-loaded inside the library. There are various effects that can also be used in order to edit current songs that the user can load into the application. Such a tool now offers a user the possibility of replacing a disc jockey at a party, as only a laptop and a sound system will be required in order to entertain everyone with the audio effects of the tool.

This application is available for free and it used by more than fifty million users worldwide. Virtual DJ is a lightweight but comprehensive application that allows the user to use different amateur DJ tools in order to achieve various results, depending on his skills. The tool allows for no dead times in between the songs that can be played in the form of a playlist and the user of the application can set how much does he want the songs to overlap, to create a special effect.

The installation process is done with ease and the rest of the program is also easy to master. The developers tried to create a nice interface for the users to experience. They will definitely enjoy it while doing their best in the position of a DJ and they will be pleased that they can even scratch songs, just as they would do in real life. However, as it is an art using a real disc, it is still a little difficult to scratch the virtual discs because the mouse might slip in a not too desired way and it could not produce the desired effect. However, a little bit of practice will surely make things far better.



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