Ventrillo is a scalable VOIP or Voice over IP solution with a comprehensive communication utility that provides the user a strong powerful and an advanced multiplayer environment for sound. The audio effect is developed and designed in such a way that to be easily fit in on a channel, server or global base.

According to the choice and wish of each user, it easily produces sound with special effects. With first rate quality of articulation, it brings easy solution to any problems regarding data packet loss, latency of network, administration and so on. Ventrillo, apart from all these, also possesses usage capabilities to be used as a means to talk to friends and families. The latest version of Ventrillo also includes fixing of corruption due to bug; it can be used for private conversation, text to speech voice generation and key bindings for special functions.

It is indeed a free ware, compatible with Windows platform. It runs with operating systems like Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. This comprehensive integrated server browser requires no costing charge but only a 1.0 GHz processor and an Input Output device for sound. It offers greater functions and profitability and indeed worth a try.



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