If you’re at the helm of affairs of a company it is common knowledge that it does get quite labor intensive a job when it comes to handling a large range of requirements. That becomes more so when the range is as diverse as tracking request, handling email, sending newsletters, keeping a check on fraudulent emails and a plethora. If you have to invest a large time in activities such as the above it could become very demanding.

For such a situation Lazy Dog Softwares have perhaps the ideal answer. Their software the Userbase is truly a boon for those who deal with software related products on the internet. Userbase is a great software that allows you to track your complete range of software sales, supports Armadillo and Custom key generators, bug and enhancements too. Not just that it gives you request tracking, sends newsletters to users of a particular group of products or even versions, it creates reports and can effectively help you to track fraudulent users and their respective registration ID’s as well and auto mail merge. There is more, for it can track and maintain data on registration fees and taxes.

Imagine with a software as effective as that which can handle a range of activities will certainly leave you with more time at your disposal to let you do your coding. In fact the new features in this version allow you to post data to a Webserver CGI, ISAP or ASP application too. Makes a user list report and works on computers with Windows 95/NT/2000/XP operating system, Price tag is of $29.99.



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