UnHackMe is one of the best known killer or terminator of the malicious or deceitful programs which prevail in the cyber world. It searches the system for any kind of spiteful programs and eliminates them if found. Though created as an anti-rootkit software but it is also capable enough of eliminating various programs like Trojans, worms and viruses. This software packages has a free to try version which is available for the complimentary period of 30 days. Though conjointly a version is also available the use of which is subjected to prior payment. Windows 200/XP/Vista/7/8; all these operating systems does well with UnHackMe. The file weighs around 12.96 megabytes in terms of file size.

UnHackMe basically has a list of problems which it focuses on for solving. It searches for Google Search redirect rootkits and solve the issues created by it. As already mentioned above Trojans, viruses, worms and backdoors are already in its hit list. It also blocks the various adware, spyware, keyloggers and other unwanted problems which try to intrude the systems’ normal functioning.

UnHackMe has a special and precise double checking property especially for the Windows based systems that becomes completely lethal for any kind of malicious programs prevailing in the system. It finds them and deletes them. Malicious codes are instantly traced down by UnHackMe. It is a very much light application and does not compromise the systems working rate for its own functioning. Another important feature of UnHackMe is it easily adopts with any other antivirus program which is already installed in the system. One drawback of this application and that is why it needs another antivirus program is that it does not support real time data surveillance. But as already explained installing two software packages for the purpose of security of system does not slow down the system as it is a very application.



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