Ultrasurf is a small but useful tool that can be used by various persons in order to protect their web surfing sessions. The application works as a proxy tool but it is much different than its competitors on the market. Usually, tools like this require at least a medium knowledge regarding elements of internet security and users might not configure them properly, but this application does everything automatically and it will be quite easy to launch it in order to protect the privacy of the owner on the internet.

The software application provides a really clean interface and only a few buttons are present on it. The Home option provides a few general options regarding the tool, while the Option tab provides more detailed settings that can be left as they are already preset, because they do a good job. The Retry button allows the user to restart the Internet connection in order to be able to connect properly using the proxy settings, but it will be rarely used. The Exit button is easy to understand and it will close the proxy connection that has been established.

Unlike other applications of this kind, Ultrasurf does not slow down the internet connection. Proxies make several links in order to give a false access point and protect the real identity of the user, but these loops also translate to longer load times of various web pages. However, with this tool, the only differences can be seen with the aid of specialized application that accurately measure loading times. Overall, the application is suited for both beginner and advanced users that want to protect their privacy online, as there are options for both of them. The installation process is really simple and for a free product, the tool offers a really good quality of the service.

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