Typing Quick and Easy

Typing Quick & Easy is an application designed to support people who want to learn how to type faster and at the same time, correct. There are various ways of doing this, depending on how one uses his fingers, but this tool will ensure that the user is able to do all of the tasks correctly within the shortest amount of time.

Typing Quick & Easy focuses on training the user in various ways. Each person can choose a training level depending on their typing skills. If they cannot auto-evaluate themselves, the utility can do this for them after they type out a text that is given. This way, the tool is able to create a user profile and decide his level. Then, it can provide the best training tutorials in order for the person to learn how to type fast.

Typing Quick & Easy will remember the progress that was made and it will keep providing more advanced lessons as the user gets better at typing. There are more than 250 unique texts that can be offered to a user as practice and there are more than 50 different lessons available. Articles can be imported within the app and then typed in. There are also a bunch of games which are intended to make typing fun.

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