trueSpace is an application that allows users to work with three dimensional models in order to create different objects and render them with various textures. The app is quite comprehensive and comprises a lot of different elements that can be integrated in a project. A project can be created from scratch within the utility or an already existing one, imported from another app.

trueSpace has a really user-friendly interface which is easy to organize. As a model is loaded, a sidebar that contains its parameters will appear. Then, using this window, users can edit almost any aspect of the certain model by changing the values of each parameter. Furthermore, there are other tools that can be used in order to edit a mesh. After all of these steps are done, users can also apply textures.

trueSpace provides a texture library but custom ones can be added, too. This way, users can create the object they want and make it look like it has to. In order to create a realistic 3D model and render it properly, one must also add a light source to it. This is achieved with ease and there is full control regarding the light, in terms of color, size and power. The model can be then exported in a file compatible with other apps, too.



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