The Horse Simulator game

The Horse Simulator for PC game will simulate your house riding. If you have never tested riding on a horse back then it is time now. With this game simulate the real life feeling of riding a horse. You will have four maps to uncover the route for your horse. You can opt for a rider with a horse or only a horse and ride on it yourself. While into the farm take on the goats, deers, bears, cows and sheeps. You can also stray into the city and explore the city with your horse. However, you should beware of the police since they do not like a horse stomping around within the city. You can go to the airport and smash into a F-14 jet. Even you can try your horse speed against a running train. The horse need carrots to keep going, and they are hidden on the map; you just need to find them out.

Though Horse Simulator for PC is a game for the android devices, it can also be played in PCs.



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