The Game of Life

There are very few people out there who may not have played The Game of Life at least once in their life, and now you can enjoy this amazing and entertaining game on your computer. There are a number of upgrades made to the game to make it more enhanced and addictive. The game has two modes that you can choose when playing the game. if you like the classic feel of the game then you can go with the traditional mode that allows you to pick the cards as and when you progress in the game. if you wish to experience the modified version of the game then play the enhanced mode that allows you to play a number of mini games and also complete tasks that make the game more thrilling and action oriented.

There is a multiplayer mode that can accommodate up to 6 different players, and also a single player mode where you play against the artificial intelligence of the computer. You can also play with different players that are a part of the computer’s AI, and choose the ones with specific skills and talents to make the game more challenging. In the beginning of the game you have 10,000 dollars with you, and you must pick a career of your choice or choose to go to college. Both the options have their pros and cons that make the game more interesting.

The game will have you experience the various aspects of life within the confines of your computer. You will face crisis, additions to your family, and also get married in The Game of Life. If you pick the enhanced mode in the game you will be able to play a more engaging version of the game. say for example you win a lottery, in the enhanced version you will get to scratch the ticket to find out your price.

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