Teleport Pro

Teleport Pro is yet another off-line browser and website copier software that falls in the same league of other low graded off-line browsers. There is nothing very comprehensive about this browser. One could easily found much other off-line browser software from the same genre having some exclusive features. This program also contains some flaws in it, which make it not worthy for download.

Teleport Pro is an off-line browser software, which lets you to see all the elements in one single webpage. You get to download webpages in a quick manner. But, that is not an exclusive feature to stand-out with. The interface is served with usual looks. The interface consists of a huge white blank space and does not provide any clue whatsoever, to the user. Also, the icons and buttons do not have any kind of direction for utilization of this software. If you are going to use this off-line browser for a while, then you need to pay a visit to the help file.

Downloading a specified file type, any multimedia file, or duplicating the whole webpage- can be done with Teleport Pro. Downloading a whole webpage with several different layers can be done. You also get to search for specific keywords and download them. The software limits its use to only 500 download limit, which makes it a complete let-down. Also, Teleport Pro lacks a webpage viewer; making browsing through your downloadable content really very difficult.



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