Talk a Lot Spoken English Course

Available as a free to use software application; Talk a Lot Spoken English Course, as suggested by its name, is basically a PDF based tutorial that is intended to help users learn to speak the English language with ease. It cannot be typically categorized as a software application as it is does not contain any learning tools such as videos, animations, or graphics. It does not involve any software tools such as tips or help menus. Rather, it is a 168 page PDF document that contains various lessons that will help you master the speaking of the English language. The tutorial has been designed for instructor led training sessions, which means it is not a self-learning tool. It is basically intended as a classroom tool, with a heavy dependency on instructor led training, group discussions, work groups, and show and tell tasks.

Therefore, it is basically designed for teachers who want to help their students learn the English language. It is intended as a aid or tool for teachers who impart Spoken English classes. However, the tool has several positive aspects that can work to your advantage. The course focuses on enabling students to actually think and speak in English. This ESL approach makes it a very beneficial utility. It offers several tips to teachers on how to conduct each of the lessons with sample dialogues between teachers and students that can be replicated for easier teaching sessions. Each course is built upon a specific word, most often a verb, and the lesson progresses from there, enabling the teacher to prompt student to start thinking and using the word in their own sentences or conversations.

Each lesson also comprises Exercise sessions that take students through the various tenses of these verbs without actually focusing on the exact grammatical knowledge. This makes the lessons more interesting. There are also various aspects of practical life that are brought into these lessons to help students start using the words in different real-life scenarios. For those who are serious about completing the course, there are course completion certificates for participants. There are also quizzes and puzzles to help the user progress in their knowledge of the language. Therefore, if you are an English language teacher or instructor looking for feasible and good material to help in your teaching techniques; then this is an ideal tool. You can use it in various Windows based systems such as Windows 98, 2000, 2003, 2008, 7, NT, Me, XP, Vista, and Server versions.

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