SuperEasy Live Defrag

A powerful utility designed to provide you the capability of having a cleaned hard drive, SuperEasy Live Defrag would help your apps run faster and you would see your photos open quicker and the files take shorter to copy. This tool essentially cleans up the fragmented hard drives automatically. However, it smartly pauses itself when it detects other apps are in need of system resources. It is an easy to use utility with no complex settings involved and once launched, starts its work automatically to relieve you of the work. It also allows customizing the defragmentation using timer or setting up a defragmentation task.

Some of the useful, advanced features of the app include a fully automated background monitoring, weekly statistics, RAID hard disk support, Timer, SSD disk protection, support for USB disks, removing disk space gaps, accelerated picture opening and copying. The app is designed to be easy to use and understand for anybody and gives super quick results. Both beginners and expert users can benefit from it and use it as per his own needs and abilities to make the most out of it.



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