The Strongvault online backup software provides its users with an opportunity to create a backup of all their valuable data and then store it in a secured online location. Thus, users of this backup software can store their data such as photos and documents at a secure location on the internet, which only they can remotely access. In fact, storage of data on a secured location on the cyberspace can be a better hedge compared to storing all the data on any computer, which can suffer from crashes and failures.

The Strongvault online backup software tool provide a simple and yet powerful solution to its users to set up backup for their data, which can then work automatically without requiring any further interventions. This backup software stores the data of its users on online servers that take into account the private nature of the data that they store. Thus, it ensures that the data has adequate encryption to keep it safe during storage and accessible to only the owner of the data.

The Strongvault online backup software ensures maximum protection for the data of its users. Thus, it encrypts the data when it leaves the computer of the users and again during the transfer back from the storage location. The data remain secured round the clock at the state-of-the-art data centers operated by the makers of this software tool. Thus, everyone from individual users and small businesses to IT service providers can benefit from the use of this software. This excellent data backup software is compatible with various versions of the Windows operating system.



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