SQL*Lite can be an extremely helpful database software for the users looking to perform various SQL operations on the database platforms provided by Oracle or MySQL. This database software provides a wide range of features, which makes it much simpler for the users to create databases containing extensive range of data and transfer data between different databases. This software provides it users with the browser feature for table and view function, as well as, cells that are extremely easy to update with the latest data.

The SQL*Lite database software allows its users to search for any object within the database by using the object search option. Thus, users can very easily spot any relevant information from a sea of data. The software further allows its users to spool the result from their query or the table and view structure into a file. This software allows its users to insert record into the database with the help of a wizard, which makes it an extremely simple process.

Users of the SQL*Lite database software can use its copy function to transfer and share data and table between various databases. They can even send the results of the queries by email to their colleagues. This software further allows its users to compare the result of their queries side by side for more efficient comparison. Users can save the result of their queries in HTML or CSV formats. Users can also connect with up to 50 databases and use support for the Batch mode for efficient functioning. Thus, SQL*Lite database software can be the perfect tool for performing SQL operations on Oracle and MySQL platforms.

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