A VPN or a Virtual Private Network, created with SpotFlux, is an extent of a network that allows people to connect through to preserve their anonymity over the Internet. This is sometimes required and people have to find solutions in order to achieve anonymity, which is mostly related to the IP address that is assigned to them. Not all the tools that are specifically designed to work as VPNs will actually be able to manage task, but a free software that can do this job perfectly is SpotFlux – for no cost at all, any user that needs to create and connect to a VPN will be able to do it within a few minutes.

The installation process of the application is extremely simple and along the way, the user will be prompted about installing other programs, too. However, there is the option to avoid installing these, yet some of them might provide helpful after SpotFlux is installed. The program should be restarted to be able to work, and afterward the user will be able to connect through the VPN. The decrease in speed that appears from the VPN connection that is routed throughout several points is something normal and it shouldn’t be minded too much, because SpotFlux is probably the speediest VPN provider available.

When minimized, the tool will go into the system tray area, from where the user will be able easily to check the status of the virtual private network that was created with the aid of SpotFlux. As long as the program is running, the computer’s Internet connection will also be routed through different access points, to mask the IP of the computer from any kind of threats that might appear.


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