Spider Man – Web of Shadows

Spider Man- Web of shadows is a popular video game and it had been developed for three different versions for PlayStation 3, Microsoft Windows and Xbox. This particular game like many others was published by Activision, which carries the license from Marvel. In this game, the player had to choose from both evil and good. There is no single ending and the multiple ending depends upon how the game is played.

In Web of Shadows the protagonist searches for Mary Jane Watson. The city is infested with symbiotes and the invasion is already in progress. Mary Jane is in custody of Luke Cage; however he is soon attacked by a mysterious figure. He quickly recalls how he got infected from Venom. Cage explains him that how Park Avenue and Rolling Sevens are in a war. Soon Spider-Man pursues the gang leader and comes to truce them in a peaceful agreement.

This game had received positive reviews from critics around the globe and it could be the best Spiderman game till date. The different characters in this game are Black Cat, Electro, Black Widow, Wolverine, Rhino and Venom. Venom was later considered as the main antagonist of the game. The controls are very simple and it is quite exciting to play.

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