SpamWeed Anti-Spam Filter

Users of Outlook, Outlook Express, and various other POP3 email clients will find the SpamWeed anti-spam filter to be extremely efficient in keeping out spam messages from their accounts. This anti-spam software uses a combination of a number of cutting-edge spam filtering techniques such as ID-tracking, statistical filtering technology, and refined algorithms to block junk messages. This software tool provides its users with excellent rate of spam detection, and the learning filter enables it to enhance its detection abilities by analyzing the users’ correspondence patterns.

The SpamWeed anti-spam filter protects the email inbox of its users by quarantining the viruses and other malicious content, which are likely to be present in spam messages immediately after blocking them. Thus, this software tool functions as proxy between the mail server and the mail accounts of its users. This ensures that the inbox remains out of bound for the malicious spam messages. In fact, this anti-spam filter has proven its worth by blocking as much as 99% of the incoming spam messages with the self-learning filters increasing in efficiency with time.

The SpamWeed anti-spam filter allows its users to create white list containing the contact details of their family, friends, and customers, which enjoys uninterrupted access to their inbox. In fact, the software can create such a white list on its own by analyzing the email address of the senders of incoming mails, as well as, the addresses of the recipients of the mails sent by the users. Users also receive a detailed report of the junk messages blocked and locate various messages with ease.



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