Smart Data Recovery

Smart Data Recovery is an application that can be used in order to recover files from various devices that have been corrupted in a way or another. Files can be lost with ease in various ways and recovering them is more difficult than it actually seems, especially because there is the need of third party apps in order to achieve this.

Smart Data Recovery is a simple tool that can recover files from various devices that are connected to the computer. Thus, not only internal hard drives can be scanned for lost files, but also other devices such as memory cards, USB flash drives or even DVDs. The app needs users to provide the path towards the specific device that should be scanned, but they also need to provide an output path. This way, files that are found can be copied to another location in order to become accessible again. It is recommended to use a local path in order to save the files.

Smart Data Recovery can provide quicker results if users device on certain file types that should be searched for. The application is able to connect to both FAT and NTFS formatted devices and scan them for content. Image files can be previewed before they are recovered. Multiple scanning types are available in order to recover files from different depths.

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