Slingo Quest

If you have always been a fan of the Slingo franchise then Slingo Quest is the game for you as this version of the game adds some unique twists and additions in the game that make it more compelling and entertaining to play. in the Super Slingos there are multi-card games that will keep you entertained for a long time. With the Bounce Slingo you get to play a version of Slingo that bounces off of the walls. In Dual the Pirate you get to earn a lot of points for the Pirate’s fortune, and in the Seven Slingo you get to play on a large board that just wont quit!

There are a lot of new features in Slingo Quest that make it such a compelling game. you will get bonuses in the game that will allow you to watch the matches quickly. Then you get to activate the Devil Protection that will keep the devils in the game away. The multiplayer bonus in the game will allow you to multiply your score quickly and effectively. There are 60 different levels that you have to cross in Slingo Quest and each of the levels has their own unique challenges and game play that keep things interesting for the players.

There are 5 new stars that are present in each of the level and you have to get them all before the level is completed. Also, you will be awarded with Slingo Stamps at the end of each successful level and attaining these stamps is a matter of prestige in Slingo Quest. You can keep a track of all your scores and keep beating your own top score or compete with other players in the game. also the graphics and the sound effects of Slingo Quest are very colorful and entertaining to experience.

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