SkyGazer is a software that gives the user a mesmerizing view of the outer space on his computer. It is targeted at beginners who desire power in their hands. It offers a view from NASA’s space stations and the database includes every important planet, star, asteroids and other heavenly bodies.

SkyGazer scores in its ability to furnish latest information regarding the movement of planets and comets as well as reconstruct the past celestial phenomena. Using the software the user can time travel back to the time when Halley’s Comet appeared last or when Mars appeared to cross Jupiter. The user interface is simple and aids in the sky watching experience. The user can create sky charts which he can share with others. Interactive animations have been included to serve as tutorials on planetary movements and other celestial information.

SkyGazer is built with a high-performance implementation of JPL’s DE408 planetary ephemeris. It enables the software to calculate positions of planets quickly and accurately. It also packs in full breadth deep space object data. The support and documentation features are highly comprehensive. Phone and e-mail support systems work efficiently. Overall it is ideally suited for the user who is taking baby steps into the world of stars.

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