Silverlight is a development platform that encompasses a series of useful features in order for users to do various tasks. They can either develop certain software apps using the tools provided, or they can benefit from the application that will be installed as a browser extension. It automatically installs itself along with the main browser app of the computer and it will enhance the experience of the user. CLI languages are supported by the development tools integrated in the application and working with it is pretty easy.

The application is a product of Microsoft and they have redesigned it in order to provide more usability for end-users, thus multimedia is now a supported feature that also includes the playback of various animations. A configuration tool is available in the Start menu and here, users can tweak various options related to the apps contained in the bundle. Updates for the tool are available and they will be automatically downloaded from the internet, if the user allows the app to do so. Webcams and microphones can be easily configured in order to work flawlessly when used in various apps.

Other than that, permissions can be set up and this allows other applications of the computer to make use of Silverlight’s capabilities. The browser add-on does not feature any other customization options and users can only enable or disable it. Differences are not too obvious if one does not look especially for them, but the demo featured on the website allows users to understand what makes the tool a good one for any computer. The app has also been integrated with mobile phones that run Windows Phone OS, but the compatibility list does not feature Internet Explorer – however, this is not a bad thing, as the other browsers are much more flexible.

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