SDS is an application that is quite simple but it manages to provide enough functionality for those that need something like it. Shutting down the computer is an easy task for everyone, but there are moments when this might become a more complex task because it has to be scheduled. Doing this in Windows is rather difficult and users can choose a simpler, third party alternative, such as the current one.

SDS has a really simple interface that contains the required elements for users to automate a process, whether it is shutting down or restarting the computer. Logging off the current user is also achievable with the app and this will take the PC to the user login screen.

SDS works in three different ways. First of all, users have to choose the task they want accomplished with the aid of the app. Afterwards, they can define the mode in which the app should work. First of all, the task can be performed at a certain time of the day. However, there is also the option to use a countdown timer to automate the task. Lastly, users can allow the PC to restart, shut down and so on after a certain application is closed.

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