Rocket Dock

Rocket Dock is one of the most powerful tools that a user can install in order to customize his desktop, and in the right hands, the app can convert entirely the main work space of the computer. Currently, the desktop has become a neglected area of a computer, mainly because there are no customization possibilities offered by the operating systems alone. In order to achieve such effects, users are required to use a third party application. Fortunately, there are some on the market and the presented app is one of the best that can be installed.

The installation process is easy and afterwards, the tool will be set up to start along with the operating system. It will run in the background and its options screen can be brought up by clicking the system tray icon. Here, a lot of customization possibilities are available and the look of the desktop dock will be only constricted by the preferences of the user. In the beginning, he can choose the location of the dock, which can be placed on each side of the screen, and afterwards he can choose a background style for it, from more than 30 different stocks themes.

Icons can be added to the dock and removed from it with the aid of the drag and drop feature and icon packs can be installed if the standard icons are not satisfying enough. Animations are available when the user hovers over the dock, and they can be edited or deactivated, again depending on the user’s preferences. Icons can be split between different areas so a user can easily group system icons and keep them away from office executable files, for example. Folders can be also added onto the dock and users can easily browse them using a customized look from the dock.



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