Ringtone Maker Deluxe

Making a customised ringtone is now simple with Ringtone Maker Deluxe for PC. The application has a simple process which can be conducted by step by step. All the user has to do is to select the song that he likes, and then defining the section that he wants to set as his ringtone by pointing the cursor and zooming in and out. Then he can also add special effects like fading to the beginning and end of the ringtone. It is done!

The user can then apply the ringtone to the different profiles on his system or also as a reminder for events. It is also possible to create different ringtones for different contacts. This creation can be shared with family and friends via e-mail. The application is simple to set up and use, no technical expertise is needed for better results. Ringtone Maker Deluxe is available for download and installation at the BlueStacks App Player.



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