Returnil System Safe Free 2011

Returnil System Safe Free is a system security suite which is primarily based on a premium software package. There are various features combined together in a single software package. It consists of virus and malware protection along with an innovative Virtual Mode feature. This feature can be précised as a virtualization technology that separates the system from the potential threats. Returnil System Safe Free has all the functionalities available in full throttle in the free version itself. No paid version exists of this package. The file weighs around 33.87 megabytes in terms of file size. Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7; any of these operating systems named here do well with Returnil System Safe.

A few features are missing from the free version such as remote online management, automatic system rollback and free technical support. But Returnil System Safe is engineered with all basic features for providing the system with an optimum protection. In the virtual mode the internet surfing is very much safe but no work can be saved in this mode. This is done by disabling the File Manager which lets user save files and make shifts in the original system from the Returnil’s Virtual system.

Returnil System Safe works in the background while the user works on the system. There are various access points which consist of a floating desktop bar and also a system-tray icon which can be used to call the Retunil’s System Safe’s menu directly by just right clicking on the options. After every update check and completion of update process Returnil System Safe scans the system for threats. After turning to the virtual mode it was found that it had no adverse effects on the functioning of the system. As told earlier also in the virtual mode browsing is very safe and after saving an image it was saved on the desktop of the virtual environment. After a reboot when the normal mode was turned on back then the saved image was lost. The use of virtualization is made easy with this software package. Without Retunil System Safe the utility of virtual mode is limited. There are a few other functionalities such as anti-spam utilities missing from the Returnil System Safe.



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