Reading Trainer

Reading Trainer is an educational tool that is meant to improve your retention rate and reading speed through 12 different fun and challenging exercises. It is a very popular speed reading application and is available on Android as well as PC now. This tool would increase your reading speed significantly. Along with this, you can benefit from the eye exercises as well as mental capacity improvement. This app provides you all you need for reading the texts of any kind more effectively, faster and with better retention. The PowerReader tool it offers allows getting your daily tasks done while practicing the reading skills.

With this app, you will be able to double your reading speed in a couple of days. Now you have the most fun way of learning the reading techniques. It employs an innovative method providing you the correct platform for achieving effective results with minimum effort. The most impressive aspect of the tool is the fun it offers while mastering the skills you need for attaining good reading techniques and speed. This includes – flexible eye movements, increased vision span, improved concentration and rapid recognition of letters, numbers and words.

The application guides the user through each training step after identifying your plus and minus points. There is a statistics function to allow seeing and tracking progress. All the training results are charted for easy viewing. You can use the reading tests from various topics to check your reading speed. As a secondary test for assessment of retention ability, questions about texts are used. This combination effectively improves both the retention rates and reading skills. The program is ideal for anybody spending time reading something or the other. Students, executives, sales and purchase professionals and others can benefit from this app. The PC version is available for a free trial with BlueStacks emulator!



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