Quit Keeper

Quit Keeper is a management application that can help people to quit smoking. This is one serious issue if people develop such a habit because smoking causes a powerful addiction. However, there are different ways for people to quit cigarettes and the aid of a computer application is welcome, especially because of the simple yet interesting functions that the tool has.

Quit Keeper is designed to create a unique profile of the smoker that uses the application. Users that start working with the application will have to input their name firstly. This way, they will receive a personalized report and they might feel closer to the app itself when their name appears on the screen. Users will be also required to add the price of a pack within the app and also provide an average of the cigarettes they usually smoke daily.

Quit Keeper also provides graph views so that users can see their progress towards quitting cigarettes. They have the possibility to export this data into different formats, including CSV. Whenever they open the app, users will see information about the money they have saved while not smoking and also about the number of cigarettes that were avoided. In order to keep a good evidence on the money that have been saved, users can choose their currency and also update the price whenever it goes up or down.



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