QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online can be recommended as one of the finest accounting softwares, especially for small as well as growing business organizations. It is an online-accounting service that facilitates the key business-tasks like, billing, tracking payments, producing invoices in advance, tracking expenses, and reporting. You are also offered several options for reporting to perform tasks like proper tax-preparation. It also helps you in, accepting payments, creating receipts, preparing estimates; and also tracking employees, customers and vendors. Its added advantage is, with it you can make invoices using its mobile tools in Androids and iPhones.

Its primary features (project-tracking and making invoices) can be very helpful for autonomous design groups and freelancers. This software helps the users to come up with eye-catching yet professional invoices. This is possible with its selection of over ten invoice templates that can be customized, and also your company logo. Moreover tools offered for invoicing consists of a number of automatic-elements mainly calendars, auto-fill boxes, dropdown menus, integrated help topics, and tax calculators.

Invoices can be configured to let your patrons pay online via the Intuit PaymentNetwork. This Intuit PaymentNetwork will charge a particular amount for each transaction. Among the interesting online features of QuickBooks Online offered by Intuit are the 5 online solutions (easiest to superior versions). MinuteDock and eBillity are few among the numerous apps with which this software is compatible. From QuickBooks Online you can also get apps for mobile devise like BlackBerry, iPhone and Android OS.



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