Production Management Software

Some software has been developed for augmenting the escalation of small to medium size business. The production management software is one such tool available in the market. It is created to design an individual product commercially and concentrates on the obligation of production automation intended for small and medium scale business. It also investigates the consumer anticipation and releases, current inventory, premeditated procurement and planned production. This software has the unique quality of concluding a job successfully within a stipulated time and budget.

The chief functionality of the production management software is that it helps in creating job orders, bills of materials, monitoring production, managing cost and employee job which comes under the resources. The outstanding facets of this application software incorporate production order, management of production job, inventory management of materials, requirement of material planning, monitoring of production order cost, production inventory reports and material PO management.

The production management software is competent in the creation and tracking of orders both swiftly and effortlessly, examination of BOM cost, driving of material constraints, tracking the progress of the employee’s tasks, generating the job schedule of the employees, tracking of purchase orders and calculating the economic order quantity (EOQ). It is based on Microsoft access, hence contains all the source codes and is completely customizable.



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