Entech Taiwan created the software PowerStrip for supporting multiple graphics cards. This program can support graphics cards from all the vendors and even the old ones. It is also helpful in extending the usefulness of the old cards. After installing the software, the system has to be rebooted to get the proper working of the tool.

Though the program is capable of having as many as 500 numbers of controls on the graphics cards of the system, but still the application is easy and simple to be controlled. It comes up with a menu and the system icon can be clicked to open it and used. The menu tray consists of features such as display, colour and performance. These features can be applied to the cards and then saved as profiles.

Another menu compliments the general menu with other high definition keys and hotkeys. There are advanced timing option, pixel clock setting, and also an option to customize the resolution. The option also consists of the clock sliders. So, the users should take care of these special features though the use of the program is easy and simple. PowerStrip is compatible with the operating system of Windows XP, Vista and also with the operating system of Windows 7 & 8.



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