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Popcorn Time is a popular application that can be used to watch movies online, for free. It must be stated from the very beginning that the original developers checked the legal status of the utility and it does not infringe the law. There might be various tools and websites which seem to achieve the same thing, but this application is much different than them. It is a standalone product that is able to work really well on Windows and lately, on certain Linux versions, too. The app does not have a complicate installation process and just a few steps are performed during this stage. In fact, the whole utility is really simple.

Popcorn Time greets users with a simple interface that many will enjoy. The developers decided to use black as a main color and this gives the design an element of elegance. As mentioned earlier, simplicity is the key when it comes to the application and users can see this from the very beginning. The interface is split between two main areas. The first and leftmost one is a sidebar where categories are displayed. The default category is the “Popular” one. This allows the utility to display in the right area the most popular movies at a given moment. There are also other categories, about twenty of them, such as “Comedy” or “Horror.” This allows any user to easily find movies that satisfy a certain condition.

The right area of the tool is the largest one and here, the movies in the selected category appear. Each of them has its poster displayed in a thumbnail and below, users can find the title of the movie and the year of the release. This is really useful for people who want to quickly identify a movie and might recognize it based on its poster. As there are countless movies in each category, users can quickly navigate through the pages by pressing the according buttons. The search box of the application, also located in the left area of the interface, provides users the possibility to find exactly the title they are looking for. They can also search for a single word and find more movies that correspond to it.

When it comes to the actual movie, just as users press on the thumbnail of the desired one, they will be taken to the simple video player where the video loads. This takes just seconds to complete and afterwards, viewers are able to see the movie without stuttering. Streaming movies through this app is much better than using other competitive utilities because this one makes use of the peer to peer protocol and does not require a connection to a central location. It also depends on the Internet speed that the user has but it is a superior experience compared with many others on the market.

What is best regarding Popcorn Time is the fact that this application is open-source. The project is entirely available on Github and there are already developers who actively work and try to implement new features and translations. Moreover, if one cares about security, he can take a look here at the antivirus report provided by Warer, which proves that there are no threats hidden in the code.


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