If a person wants his or her children to save from viewing any pornographic images present in the computer, it is tough to find a software support to provide this help. However, with PicBlock, it is not a tough task at all. This software examines each and every image present in the user’s computer for pornographic contents. This is an extremely striking feature of this software compared to any other such software in the market.

It monitors over web pages, External USB storage devices and detect pornographic images. PicBlock can also analyze the address as well as the contents of the image in twelve different languages for search of sexually explicit keywords. It detects porn images from web pages, e-mail messages, album arts of iTunes, any internet based document etc. It blocks all the pornographic images to get displayed in the web browsers or in any viewer programs.

Parents can customize between several filtering limits. However, only authorized users who possess the password of the software can only change the settings and allow different websites to view. Parents can create a list of safe sites of their own. No user can break the shackles of this software, no matter how much tech savvy he or she is.



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