The software Photolightning is made to help the users with photo editing operations, and delivers a decent performance. Its functions and usage is beyond doubt user friendly. The editing features that this software comes with, helps you carry out photo editing tasks just as expected. You can say these are the regular features you will find in any of its contemporary softwares; however, here you get powerful outputs. In short if you are looking forward to come up with a fine photo editing product without making use of much extra tools, you can certainly go for this product.

You get 3 steps for editing here that help you out in the whole process. They are mainly PreviewLabelPrint, Email and ShareAlong. As it seems, these are actually very simple operations. You can perform editing tasks using 2 modes. First mode is the automatic mode that facilitates one-click-fix. The second mode is the full edit mode. Photolightning lets you translate editing language into corrections that are pretty conversational.

The usual and superior features of Photolightning mainly include, color-changing (like turning skies gray to blue); enhancing colors; adding or decreasing flash; auto-levels; reducing red-eye; paint effects; cropping pictures; sharpening and/or brightening photos; motion blur, soft focus, focal black and white, lighting adjustments, graduated tint, hue and contrast, color temperature, saturation, and unsharp mask. You can share the edited pictures via emails, printing and slide-show through web or email. Posting or printing can be done via Blogger, Shutterfly, Kodak EasyShare Gallery, TextAmerica, and many more. This software can do photo formatting for FlipAlbum, Microsoft Office apps and eBay.



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