PerfectDisk Professional

Disk fragmentation is a serious issue which is caused due to repeated writing, overwriting and deleting on a hard drive. This can make the computer run extremely slow and can also make the hard disk function abnormally in most of the cases. Thus defragmenting the hard disk is required and PerfectDisk Professional can give more features in the disk defragmentation process compared to Windows disk defragmenter.

Besides the normal defragmentation procedure, it provides the user with a SmartPlacement feature that analyzes usage arrays and systematizes data to diminish major fragmentation in the future. An additional valuable option with this software is offline defragmentation, which enhances certain portions of the drive, which includes the Master File Table as well as the page file, which cannot be altered while running Windows. In the next booting process, PerfectDisk improves the selected files, and hands over the start-up process to Windows. The program offers statistical exploration too, it also supports scheduled maintenance and defragmentation, with the capability to defragment remote computers at a distance which runs a different copy of the software.

The interface is programmed with big graphical buttons that makes it easy for the novice as well as expert users to work with the software. This software runs on all Windows versions like XP, Vista, 7 and 8 without any additional requirement.

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