PDF ShapingUp

PDF ShapingUp is an application that can help users who want to edit or create PDF documents from scratch. Its simple interface leaves a lot of room for viewing PDF files and as many as 12 of them can be opened simultaneously and viewed with no problems at all. However, users will have to work with them individually in order to customize each one, otherwise they can apply the same settings for every document in the batch mode.

PDF ShapingUp is a WYSIWYG editor so that users can always see a live preview of the documents they are editing. Every change is directly applied and the undo button can be used if users do not find the change pleasing. Documents can have their pages sorted and chapters can be created with the aid of various headings. This is more useful if the document is imported from Microsoft Word and comes already packed with various formatting elements.

PDF ShapingUp allows users to create PDF files from images, but it also provides the inverse function, so that a document can be split into multiple images of various formats. Documents can also have their metadata edited. Watermarks can be inserted within each page of the document in order to protect intellectual property and users can provide their own image that can be used for this process.

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