Paental-Controls.NET is an efficient internet filter software tool, which assists the parents to protect the child from viewing adult contents in the internet. The software can block any adult websites which contains offensive adult contents which are inappropriate for the children. It can filter almost all the adult websites present in the internet. It can also block software programs that possess anti-rate of more than 99%.

The Paental-Controls.NET has a unique feature of filtering the websites of different languages. This enhances the possibility of detecting adult websites by this software than any other such software tools available. The software offers white list for websites, and it also has the feature of blacklist for websites. The software also contains keyword blacklist characteristic. The software has specialized mechanism to restrict others from uninstalling it.

The software keeps a track of all the websites visited, no matter whether they are in the filtering list or not. It also records all the contents emerged in the computer, including – images, music files, other files etc. The software can work with all the renowned web browsers available in the market. With the Paental-Controls.NET software program, parents can have the record of all the activities that their child do in the computer, while being online as well as offline.

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