Pandora Recovery

Pandora Recovery is a simple application that provides quality features for users that are in the need of a file recovery tool. Files can be deleted from a system accidentally or a virus can do this, but this software application is designed to recover a large part of these files, considering the fact that they have not suffered too much damage that would render them unusable. Being a free solution, it provides a lot of power in this file recovery domain and it should be installed whenever a user needs to undergo this process.

The installation is simple and the greeting screen of the application provides various tips that can be disabled, but they are helpful, especially for a first time user. There are various options when it comes to the actual recovery process and everything is done in the interface of Pandora’s wizard. There, a user can select what kind of device is the affected one, ranging from standard hard disk drives and moving on to USB or even network drives. They are covered by Pandora Recovery and the wizard can be launched with a single click; in a few minutes results of the scanning process will be displayed on the screen.

The user then has the possibility to choose between different options that are available for each file. However, if the simple scanning process has not proved helpful, Pandora also provides the possibility of a deep scan – this will take longer to accomplish but it can provide more results in the end. The process of file recovery is much easier if the certain document has not been already overwritten, and if this happened, the chances of recovering it are drastically diminished, but this application also deals with this kind of situation with ease, bringing back the deleted file.



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