Nitro PDF Reader

Nitro PDF Reader is a useful tool that allows users to easily work with PDF files. This format has been introduced in order to provide a new approach to text files and even though such files are more compact, they require specific applications in order to be opened and edited. Such an app is provided by Nitro and the developers allow users to do more than just simply reading through a PDF files. There are also other actions that can be achieved with the aid of this program, which is more of a bundle.

The reading tool provides easy access to a PDF file and users can opt for a full screen mode in order to better read through such a document. If the full screen mode is activated, several buttons will be placed in the lower left area of the screen and using them, a person can easily switch pages or he can zoom in or out. However, these actions can also be performed using keyboard shortcuts which can be used with more ease. These shortcuts can be customized if the user wants more usability using his keyboard.

However, the interface also features a lot of editing tools which can provide a lot of flexibility regarding PDF files. Images can be hidden or completely removed from PDF files in order to provide better loading times. Such files can have signatures added to them and text altogether can be edited in terms of font, size, color and other formatting. The application also features a conversion tool and more than 300 different formats are available for conversion from and to a PDF file. The application is provided for free and it is easy to get help from the guides or from other FAQ files that are located on the developer’s web page.

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