Newfolder Removal Tool

Newfolder Removal Tool is now here to free the system from all the new folders, formation of which being automated by a virus. Due to this new folders pop in every corner of the systems’ drives in every sub folder. The rate of the generation of these folders generate is always greater than the rate by which they can be deleted manually. The Newfolder Removal Tool is of a great use when it comes to deleting these automatically generated folders. All the instances of newfolder.exe can be deleted by one click. It also vaccinates the drives of the system so that they become immune against the viruses. The USB devices can be also vaccinated in the same way using Newfolder Removal Tool as they are also vulnerable to same type of infection.

Newfolder Removal Tool is an application which is available for free on the internet. Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7; any of the mentioned operating system comfortably support this application. The size of the file to be downloaded from the internet I somewhere around 22.51 megabytes. The installation process is a very simple one, no complication in that. The interface is a very easy-to-go with type and can be easily configured as per the users’ convenience. There are basic control buttons available on the main screen itself along with a drive selector option (option for selecting the particular drive to be searched for the virus) and a link which leads to the contact support portal.

As per the claims made by the manufacturers of Newfolder Removal Tool it takes less than one hour to scan a whole drive. After the scan is complete a result is displayed showing the directories and files scanned. Newfolder Removal Tool is equally efficient in scanning an SSD as it is for HDD. This software can easily fix any available infection and can bring the system in the pink state.

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